The Problem Downunder

Wow it feels like its been a while since I made a blog post, sorry everyone! Well life has been a little hectic lately, and to top it all off I had some serious issues this week. I’m sure you have heard the saying “when it rains it pours” and that is no exaggeration. It was literally pouring in my basement, the memory of it still is haunting.

Typically I am a kind of “do it yourself” type of gal, but this was over and above my scope of ambitions. I want to give a big shout out to the plumber that came to my rescue with their plumbing services at 2am in the morning when my basement started flooding. After calling a few different companies that advertised 24 hour service with no luck, I was so relieved to have someone come over, and very quickly I might add.

It turns out the culprit of this terrible mess was my washing machine. That was not my thought at all when I saw the amount of water that was pooling up down there. I mean its only a washing right? Well let me tell you something that I didn’t know. The hoses on washing machines sustain 50 psi of water when they are in use. The problem is with the older washers, those rubber washer hoses aren’t meant to be able to hold that much constant pressure. So when that hose has reached it’s pressure limits and does burst open, there can be up to 500 gallons of water pouring out each hour! 500 gallons each hour, if this were to happen while you weren’t home, gosh I don’t want to think about how high up the walls the water would be. The plumber even told me that he has seen water so high it came out of the basement windows, that is honestly insane!

Well…here’s to a basement that is back to normal again, thanks to our amazing plumbers, my hats off to you!

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