Hello everyone, here’s for an intro to my new website.

I want to welcome you to the beginning of a resourceful journey of information and discovery of great things. There may be talk about people, places, things & just plain old cool topics that will no doubt give you a reason to explore more about whatever it is I might be relaying to you, based on my experiences.

I really like coffee so I’m hoping to share some of my trips to some good places I find that serves a nice cup of joe. Then I’ll fill you in on the book I’m reading while sipping on my vanilla latte.

Lots of helpful tips and tricks coming your way in regards to life at home, family and business. Might even bring in a friend or two to share a post of their experience. Whether it’s where they shop and found a pretty dress or what company they last hired to do some home improvements. I’ll try to bring some variety to the posts and do my best to keep you intrigued.

If there’s any question on who runs the tightest ship in your local business departments, we will cover a lot of that here too.

Anyhow, I hope to see you soon to pick up some great lifestyle hacks, pointers and just allowing me to share some of my adventures and encounters with you.



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