Between Here & There

So I just began some improvements on my home. I’m getting a bunch of things done from small touch ups to a few bigger projects. I figured this year is the year to make my home awesome! I really felt I needed somewhere or someone I could share the process with and what do you know, I have all of you to share it with!

Tear that Ol’ Roof Down

The first big “elephant” that desperately needed to be addressed was my roof. It started as such a small thing, but we as humans tend to procrastinate. Well, with the little knowledge I have of roofing… which is pretty much none, I now realize I should have called a pro a long time ago. They helped educate me on my roof and the “why’s” of caring for it and passed on some helpful preventative tips on how to do just that.

That Spot on The Living Room Wall

…. what? Were you waiting for an explanation? I just need to patch a small scuff on the wall is all 🙂

There is Something About the Bathroom

Do you know where the greatest time and place to read is? That’s right, it’s bathroom time! All across North America there are countless men, in the bathroom… reading the newspaper, a book, magazine… or for whatever reason the label on the air freshener. Now we already know the ladies like things looking pretty, and I’ll tell you what; I’m starting to side with them. I mean, what happens when you forget to restock the bathroom book stack or the air freshener is out of reach and you’re forced to look around? You have to finally come to terms with the way the bathroom is designed and see the wear and tare of the cabinets, counters, walls, shower, etc.

I do really want a walk in shower. So not only did I decide to get one, but also a whole new bathroom design and renovation.

Local is the Way

I have more plans in mind to boost my home’s appearance and longevity. I started to realize, this it is my biggest investment so I should be taking better care of it. So I’m doing just that, applying what I do know and paying someone else to do what I don’t know. Someone local that is, I’m really into finding dedicated local businesses to hire, especially when it comes to my home I won’t mess around. Nope, now that I have a new motivation for upgrading my house I’ll stick with loyal, honest companies. I like to think of it as if I’m going out for a cup of coffee. I’m more often than not heading to a local cafe than a big chain store. When I’m picking up a 6 pack, I’m geared towards grabbing a local brew. So, I figured I’d take the same approach to guys working on my home.

Speaking of coffee, I think I’ll go meet up with a sharp looking lady for coffee… Or was it a beer with the guys? Well, either way I’ll be happy.


More updates to come as the process thickens. So stay tuned.


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