Cleanliness Is Next To Godliness

A friend of mine in the cleaning business has developed some really great healthy lifestyle habits. She has passed some knowledge on to me so I thought I would share a few, to show how easy it can be to keep your home looking sharp. I started applying these steps as well and have found my house looking a lot cleaner on a regular basis. Here are a few simple tips today on how I have been attempting to create and sustain some new habits around the house. Maybe you can take them and apply them to your home as well. Whether you’re a regular cleaning pro and you already have your routine down, or have the worst hygiene habits ever but would like to start somewhere. If you don’t have any desire what so ever to clean up and you are looking for an awesome company that does, then I highly recommend my friend at House Cleaning Brandon.

… Oh and just so you know, I still have those lazy days where I hire her to clean my place once and awhile. She does a way better job than I do anyways, she goes the distance when it comes to keeping things tidy. But she is really great in that, she will still encourage me to pick up a sponge or dust pan once in awhile and do it myself… or at least try. That’s usually how she bribes me into giving me a friendly discount benefit when she does come to clean.

Ok, on to those tips!

From Messy to Well Kept in Just a Few Easy Steps…

Sometimes it seems you are born either a clean, neat person or a messy slob. But by making a few simple changes in your life, you can go from the messy, lazy slob to the clean all the time person! It is possible, by just doing little things here and there.

Didn’t your mom ever tell you to make your bed! Making your bed in the morning starts your day off on the right track. At least make an effort and straighten out the pillows! Make a habit of keeping your counter tops clean outside of essential items you use everyday (for me that would be my french press or coffee maker). Because we all know how important coffee is, especially when you need some inspiration or energy for that matter to start cleaning.

Counter tops quickly accumulate unnecessary clutter.  This will make the entire area so much cleaner to the eye.  When you have a policy of storing most items to a drawer or a closet, it sticks out when things are left out on counters. So this is a great reminder to put things away, right away. Trust me, it pays off down the road. 

When Cooking

You should try to clean as you cook.  It may be tough at first if you are not great at multitasking, but I have found the more I do it, it becomes second nature, minus maybe a few burnt blueberry pancakes. It’s a good idea to clean now rather than later.  Who wants to spend any amount of time cleaning after eating a good meal? Exactly! You want to kick back with that a double espresso and desert. Rather than having the mess build up, use the dead time while water is boiling, food is being sautéed, or a dish is in the oven, to collect the trash and clean up.  If you have a small container or bag for trash right next to you where you are cooking, you won’t feel the need to keep going back and forth in the kitchen to the garbage can.  These little tips add up to a tidy, clean kitchen, right before you sit down to feast on Saturday BBQ steak dinner with family or friends! This gives more opportunity to hang out with less to do later on.

One-Touch Method

The one-touch method of cleaning is simple- the goal is that when you touch an item, you want that to be the first and last touch, meaning, it should be placed in its final destination point.  So for example when you get home, rather than putting your jacket on the couch, just hang it up where it belongs right away, in the closet or coat rack.

 A Couple More Cleaning Solution Tips

We all want to cut costs and keep our surroundings sparkly clean right? I just started this one a few weeks ago, it’s awesome! Fill a dish wand containing 50% vinegar and 50% dish soap and keep the wand in the shower. Right before taking a shower, use it to scrub the walls and tub and then rinse it off while you’re scrubbing and washing your…. other parts. This saves time and give you one less thing to do on your cleaning list.

Turtle wax is perfect for shining tiles, sinks and faucets. It acts as a protective barrier preventing soap and water build-up.  The finish glimmers and it takes very little time to apply the wax. To remove hard water stains from your faucets, you can use a lemon. Ah, lemon… the symbol of cleanliness!

Another tip is making your own citrus vinegar cleaner.  Place citrus peels in a jar of vinegar and let it sit for one to two weeks.  After this time, strain the jar, catching the liquid in a larger jar, and dilute the liquid by adding water.

What about all that dog hair that accumulates? Does your short-haired small dog shed like a large, long-haired breed? Use a simple rubber glove to pick up dog hair easily.

To make your floors look new again, spray on a mixture of:

  • several cups of water (6-7 cups)
  • ½ cup baking soda
  • 1/3 cup ammonia
  • ¼ cup vinegar

Let it sit for around an hour and then scrub it off.

Well, there you have it. Those are some things I learned and have started doing recently and am seeing improvement everywhere in my house. I’ll most likely share more in future writings but for now, just a small handful of helpful hacks for your cleaning aspirations. Feel free to email me for some motivation to get cleaning!

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